Jessica Oler is a Conceptual Artist. She holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts, Bachelor's degree in Sociology, and three Associate’s degrees in Liberal Arts, Social Science, and Sociology. Through photography, social abstraction, and large installation her practice centers around displacement, histories, and Black geographies. 


Her present work is involved with space, movement, stagnation, and history. She utilizes socio-political research and personal narrative as a guiding force to work through larger racial, geographical, and social investigations. Oler continues to work  through the concept of “unprotected Black female flesh” which was initially born from her lived experience with Multiple Sclerosis thus far. With “unprotected Black female flesh” as the centerpiece of her thought processes, the various offshoots of engrained, systemic injustices are investigated. Her most recent paper on canvas series focuses on Black Geography. This series utilizes social abstraction through her original photography. 

She actively supports and participates in advocacy work through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2012. She is also a member of the Association of Black Sociologists.


Her work has been shown at California College of the Arts, Chautauqua and Brooklyn New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; Alameda, Oakland, and San Francisco, California; and Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia. 

CV available upon request.